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S7 Equity

This platform allows to create and invite customers to invest in projects through an agreement (signed document) then allows the monitoring of the various projects.

Najda CRM

The Najda Assistance CRM is a software program which helps Najda staff to manage the files of insured persons whose insurance organizations are located abroad, in order to provide them with the appropriate services.

Sfax Charity

the CRM Sfax Charity helps the agents of the association of Sfax to manage their activities that is the provision of assistance and aids to the poor families and improve the health and financial condition of the needy individuals.

Inkspired Project

E-commerce web site for many products and printing services.

UMP Project

Website for the UMP company which designs and manufactures precision molds and<br /> mechanical parts for all types of industry.<br />

Ozita Project

short description of Inkspired Project

USTT Project

short description of UST Project

Eva Style

short description of Eva Style Project

ERP CRM development canada

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