Custom ERP / CRM development

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


the staff can quickly glance at the screen and use it as a production sheet and see almost all the informations in one screen:


  • Enterprise eSolutions is a custom software development company.
  • Experience with varity of businesses.
  • Automate different department/office operations.
  • Built-To-Fit solution delivery model.
  • Your data in one place.
  • cost-effective.


Our ERP Software Development Expertise:


  • Workflow.
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management).
  • Reporting.
  • Finance module.
  • Email, SMS, faxes management.
  • Alerts and notifications generation.
  • Roles and access management for different users.
  • Supervision and quality indicators calculation.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Orders Management.
  • Products management.
  • Point of sale.


Our CRM Software Development Expertise:


  • Customer requests management.
  • Customer files management.
  • Mission planner.
  • Activities supervision.
  • Analysis and statistics module.


Your Journey to Successful ERP Implementations:


  • Human-centric Design
  • Operational Cost Analysis
  • Iterative Built-To-Fit Methodology
  • Flexible Delivery